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40-inch Monster Pizza

Calda Pizza Philippines: A True Filipino-Italian Fusion
July 1, 2015

40-inch Monster Pizza

How many times have you ordered pizza with a bunch of friends, and then ended up feeling bitin because you seem to have room in your tummy for one or two more slices of it? How many times have you wished for a BIG pizza on the buffet table during your family reunions? Bet you have dreamed at least once of a humongous pizza covered with stringy, melted cheese and loaded with your favorite toppings. That's basically an eat-all-you-can pizza buffet! Here at Calda Pizza, we are making these fantasies come true. Introducing our biggest-ever menu offering:

The 40-inch Monster Pizza!

Order your favorite Calda Pizza flavors in this giant 40" size and you'll for sure, bitin will be the very last thing you will feel! That is enough pizza for 30-35 people.

The Monster Pizza is perfect for class parties, family reunions, office blow-outs and impromptu get-togethers with friends. It's delicious, it's filling, and everyone will surely love it! Everybody likes pizza, after all.

The 40-inch Monster Pizza is currently available at the following branches:

• Calda Pizza Iligan: Quezon Ave., Ext., Corner Laya St., Palao, Iligan City - (063) 223-2544

• Calda Pizza Treehouse: Ramon Aboitiz Street, Cebu City - (032)266-8449 | 236-13

• Calda Pizza Escario: Unit 1, Escario Bldg., Escario St., Cebu City - (032) 511-1972 | 262-0884 | 0942-566-0667

This will be available in more branches soon! Keep an eye out for future announcements on our Facebook page.

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